who are we ❖

Rowad Al Omara Private Schools were established in 1429 AH on the generous initiative of His Royal Highness Chairman of the Board of Directors, Prince Dr. Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Then to His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Abdel-Aal Then the International Department was opened in the year 1445 AH.

Since its inception, Rowad Al Omara Schools has had the lofty goal of enriching its students’ experiences and achieving their full potential. We firmly believe that this can only be achieved through a unique combination of the scientific and intellectual expertise of our distinguished staff, and our commitment to applying the latest scientific and technological methods in the educational process.

We believe that education is not limited to merely transmitting knowledge, but rather is a continuous journey towards knowledge, understanding and creativity. We recognize the importance of developing critical thinking skills and creativity among our students, and we promote their spirit of initiative and social responsibility.

Believing in the importance of connection with society, we strive to serve the local and regional community through our various programs and events. We believe that education is the only way to build a better future for future generations.

In the International Department, we provide our students with a rich educational environment that stimulates learning and unleashes their creativity. We believe that every student is unique, and we enhance each student’s strengths and help him overcome his weaknesses.

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Our vision ❖

Our vision is to be an ever-evolving school that focuses on enhancing technology orientation and equipping students with the tools and resources necessary to become leaders in their fields of interest and play an active role in building a better future for themselves and their community.

Our message ❖

• Fully develop students by offering accredited international curricula that gives the opportunity to explore different cultures and civilizations.
• Qualified, experienced and highly competent teachers to provide the best possible educational experience
• Participating in extracurricular activities helps students develop their personal and social skills.

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Our Values ​​ ❖

The school’s values ​​are considered fundamental and indispensable in achieving and advancing our vision. Among the most prominent values ​​that we cherish in the school are:

Integrity and high ethics

We place integrity and high ethics at the core of our values. We encourage students to practice honesty and integrity in all their dealings and to act ethically in their daily lives.

Cooperation and mutual respect

We value the power of cooperation and mutual respect and work to promote them at all levels in the school. By encouraging students to cooperate with each other and with other parties to achieve common goals in a spirit of mutual respect.

Continuous learning and development

We believe in the importance of continuous learning and personal and professional development for all school members. We work to provide an environment in which everyone is encouraged to take advantage of learning and professional development opportunities to achieve their fullest potential.
A world of knowledge: We offer accredited international curricula that give you the opportunity to explore different cultures and civilizations.

Innovation and creativity

We work to develop the spirit of innovation and creativity among students. We encourage them to think outside the box, provide creative solutions to problems, and develop their creative skills in all aspects of life.”

Leadership and responsibility

At Rawad Al Omara Schools, we encourage and support the development of leadership and responsibility skills among students. We enhance their abilities to make sound decisions, work independently, and take responsibility for their actions and their results.

Learning outcomes upon graduation from secondary school, Students will be able to

1. Excellence in graduate studies by mastering the Arabic and English languages, written and spoken, acquiring critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and delving into various scientific and literary subjects. Graduating with internationally recognized certificates opens the doors to the best universities.
2. Success in professional life by possessing communication, leadership, and teamwork skills and mastering the skills of using modern technology.
3. Positive influence in society

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